chrysalis market assist - oem/finance company

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  • ‘pre-market’ early renewal opportunities via equity, parity+, & buyingpower
  • target customers when timing is important to them, not just to you
  • marketing tailored to the individual: a specific offer, to a specific customer, with a specific message at a specific time
  • analyse, rationalise & reduce marketing support by channeling what is needed to where its needed, when its needed
  • powerful, simple-to-use calculator & search help you develop strategic offers to achieve maximum renewal in your customer base
  • highlight those most liable to voluntarily terminate within a given segment of prospect data & time period and strategically plan contact & offer around vt liability
  • pre-market end of contract & management vehicles - match the right car, with the right package to the right customer, at the right time
  • export to lms options / various file data export options

"we are making a great deal of use of chrysalis market-assist through 2009 and it is already helping us to boost renewal rates as well as more intelligently calculate, target and deploy available marketing funds.

"the attitude, approach and professionalism of solmotive group has been absolutely first rate.”

quote from oem captive finance general manager