chrysalis renewal manager - network retailer

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“Simply drive your old car in, and subject to visual appraisal & valuation, drive your new car home, with no cash input from you, no change in payments and the same payment term that you currently enjoy”

and better still, chrysalis sales volumes outstrip those of traditional methods as well. providing over 14 x r.o.i. across this network, chrysalis may be the best proven method to promote loyalty available today.

  • be proactive, not reactive!
  • almost twice as likely to renew - & increase £ppu
  • target customers with individual financially specific incentives
  • increase retention & brand loyalty, shorten ownership cycles
  • increase sales, profitability & f&i penetration
  • never miss a single customer who is in-market
  • satisfy used car enquiries from within your database
  • create an unrivaled supply of incoming premier used vehicle stock
  • manage your ‘cash’ customers in the same programme
  • a superior contact management approach compared to:
    random - contact timing means something to us, but not our customers
    reactive - contact when customers request a settlement elsewhere
    routine - contacting the few customers remaining in the final 30% of their contract

"chrysalis has become absolutely invaluable to our day to day operation at newport volkswagen. it takes the painstaking process of trawling through various databases away and simply allows us to get on with the business of selling cars and making money.

"i would recommend this system to any motor retailer without reservation.”

phil parry - manager
newport volkswagen