chrysalis reporting - oem/group/retailer function

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chrysalis has an inbuilt report function which will be launched shortly.

the report tool is designed to help dealers and f&i field staff quickly identify performance when compared to a wider group of users.

users can choose from individual retailer id, group level reporting and national reporting (subject to log-in status) and compare to national benchmarks.

users flag the relevant status of a lead through a colour coded menu on the customer details page. the selected status contributes to an overall performance report which is displayed in a simple kpi format.

the report functionality covers:

  • current size of live book
  • number of leads in parity (global assumption @ £user-defined support)
  • contact data
  • progress data
  • outcome data

am awards judges comment:

"with f&i sales under threat from the direct lenders, chrysalis helps dealers convert more business. for some, this product could be the difference between survival & failure..."