chrysalis p.o.s. toolkit - customer presentation

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following your strategic and successful use of chrysalis product components, you will want to ensure that your showroom appointment goes as smoothly as possible.

this suite of comprehensive tools will allow you to present to both conquest and loyalty prospects. some of the most effective presentation tools you will ever use; the chrysalis p.o.s. toolkit is available as a standalone module or used in conjunction with renewal manager and loyalty builder (at extra cost).

renewal presentation

  • data transferred automatically from details page
  • strategically timed to suit customer
  • customer facing, focuses on story
  • professional discussion about renewal options
  • demonstrates benefits of what customer has done versus what customer could have done
  • demonstrates cost benefits of choosing new car over continuing ownership of current car
  • leads into product demonstration

finance comparison

  • aligns with sales process
  • can align with p.o.s. pricing policy
  • beautifully simple and highly effective method of demonstrating clear choice to customer between conventional and pcp finance methods
  • focuses customer on what is best for them rather than figurework
  • enables very easy objection handling procedure
  • keeps f&i business in the dealership
  • leads into product demonstration

myDeal profit protector

  • very simple to use & understand
  • designed to empower sales people and/or business managers, ending ‘frequent’ trips to sales manager
  • presents cash deposit & payment figures to customer and negotiates customer using their own money
  • swaps adjustment in cash deposit for payment and vice versa
  • leads customer to ‘real deal’ in gentle non-confrontational way
  • change rate/term to secure sale
  • ‘truth-finder’ - not just deal closer

finance example calculators

  • quick ‘n’ easy accurate finance info for customer presentation
  • calculate all payment walk options
  • use with ‘conquest’ customers who cannot recall all deal details to recreate current deal

estimated settlement calculator

  • use with ‘conquest’ and domestic customers to accurately estimate actuarial or 78th’s (automatically selected) settlement without leaving footprint on credit record

cost of ownership v change comparison

  • use with cash customers nearing end of warranty or pre-set mileage limit as renewal tool
  • use with finance customers too!
  • in-depth cost of ownership comparison tool
  • expands on cost of ownership tool in ‘renewal presentation’
  • uses smmt data to establish different running costs
  • presents ongoing running costs, rfl, maintenance, servicing versus cost to change
  • menu driven - result is simple & clear presentation to customer presenting case for change
    (f.o.c. tool supplied with toolkit - not available at launch)

‘used car factory’ inventory search

  • link chrysalis renewal manager results directly to your used car stock pages
  • ‘pick out a car’ function
  • link existing customers via ‘buying power’, ‘equity’ or ‘parity’ to specific used cars in your stock
  • link from list page or details page
  • use in used car marketing campaigns
  • import used car pictures into chrysalis renewal manager
    (f.o.c. tool supplied with toolkit - not available at launch & subject to provision of necessary link to your online used car stock, subject to change)